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Hey every one :3 I may be busy and may only come around like once a week... but I am trying my best to keep in contact and comment on what I can!

So 2014 just began, and this past week I had my first checkup with my hormone doctor... and everything is going well. She says I am even curvier then the last time I was there, so YAY! But the biggest news is she filled out a form for me.... a form that is actaully a pretty big deal. This form... If I bring it to the DMV (place where you get your drivers liscence renewed and stuff) I can get my drivers liscence changed to say that I am female!!!! That is such a HUGE deal. I thought you had to have the big lower area surgery done before you could get that changed, but apparently not in New Jersey.  SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!! This is such a huge deal and like.... the most amazing way to start off 2014 :3

Next upis Tiffys job. I dont remember or not if I mentioend it in my last journal,, but Tiffy got a job at Navy Exchange, which is pretty much like a mall for navy families, and you dont have to pay taxes. Its a realy big deal for her to work there because it means shes a federal employee, which means she has amazing health benefits already, and there is tons of room for her to get promoted. In fact she recently applied for a supervisor job there and has an interview for it this coming Friday! We are so excited and I hope 2014 will be the year for her <3

I am also going to go to trade school this year, and learn more about computer repair and or assembly, and hopefully make some kind of career out of it. I love computers and would love to work with them, it would just be so much more relaxing for me, and I hope I can make something of it :3 My job right now is getting harder to do as my back gets worse and weaker.... my shoulders are actaully hurting really bad now, as a result of it. That and the fact that my job doesn't pay enough for me to be able to live out on my own :3 so I want a real career so I can live on my own and get started with life! :D

Lastly, I got tagged by the wonderful :iconsuusj-chan: she asks :

1. The first anime you watched?
Sailor Moon dub back in 1996 xD It used to air at 6:30 in the morning...

2. Your favorite Disney Princess?
Belle for sure!

3. Your favorite Disney Prince?
Oh... I never really thought about this lol... Does Aladdin count?

4. Do you have any pets?
I have 8 beautiful fish :3 I love them so much

5. Your favorite magical girl?
Either Sailor Saturn or Amulet Clover :3
6. Your all-time favorite anime character?
That.... is an incredibly hard question lol. Maybe Haruka (Sailor Uranus)? Shes just so awesome,

7. What are some of your hobby's?
Hmm... Video games, anime, Fish, Skyping with friends, browsing the internet, youtube :3

8. Sun or the Moon?
The moon is beautiful at night but I think I have to say the Sun... even if it can be a blinding jerk sometimes :3

9. If you'd live in the Avatar world, which element would you like to bend?
Hmmm.. I don't feel I can answer this question because I have only seen like 2 episodse of Avatar xD but Tiffy wants to watch it with me so :3

10. What is your Hogwarts house (or would like to be in, if you haven't done the Pottermore test xD)?
I sadly don't know much about Harry Potter either xD

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suusj-chan Mar 28, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Happy (1 day late) Birthday~ How have you been?? I hope you had a wonderful day with some wonderful presents x3x3x3 

Also, expect a birthday drawing this weekend :3
aww thank you so much suusj.... :hug: I'm doing okay... lots of problems with my back/spine this year and am considering a small surgery for it, but am kinda scaaaared to do it cause they don't put you to sleep for >> other then that I'm oki :3 me and tiffy recently kicked this creepy stalker girl that was harrasssing me a lot out of our lives x3 so thats good too...she was creepy suusj xD  I'm sorry I'm not here... i fell off the face of the earth again and it makes me feel terribad especailly now sinc you still want to make me a birthday drawing *teary eyed*

I hope you are well too :hug:
suusj-chan Mar 30, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Np~ ^^ Aw, that sounds awful... I hope you don't need that surgery ^^; Although, I think if they only do those things without putting you to sleep if it's really not necessary xD

Creepy stalker girl? o  3  o That sounds awfully scary o __ o Good thing you kicked her out xP 

Don't worry about it! I figure you're busy with lots of stuff, you really have nothing to feel bad about xD Besides, here's your drawing -->… I hope you like it x3x3x3
Well the thing is i really do need it, its not mandatory but it will make things a whole lot easier for me physically Sweating a little... i have a lot of issues with it atm.. but yeah its only a temporary solution anyway xD would have to do it every 6 months!
Yeah creepy stalker girl who was prompty kicked out xD

Thank you so much for the drawing *sniffle* i love it so much... I'M NOT WORTHY <3 but thank you soooooooooo much
(1 Reply)
Shimocchi Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day~
thank you very much! <3
MimiStars Nov 24, 2013  Student General Artist
Soooo.... how are you?
:hug: Honestly not very good right now.... since saturday I have been sick... :( Nausceous, sore throat, massive headaches,,, no fun. I've also been mood swinging really bad the past month, which is because of the hormones, and everything in me is changing, so Im a bit unbalanced at the moment.... lol. Just about the slightest thing upsets me and often makes me either wanna cry or actually make me cry!  Still... Im happier then I have ever been regardless.... how are you sweetie?
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