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The last journal I wrote was so negative and most certainly NOT the me most people have come to know and love... and I'm sorry, even I was disapointed in me, re-reading that. Since then, things have gotten significantly better and Now i figured I'd do this follow up journal and talk about the good thigns that have happened this year in my life... But first I want to give a big apology to :iconmimistars: for in my last journal, I was rude to her in her caring replies, and I'm realy sorry for that Mimi. You've always been so caring and supportive of me, I should have been nicer. I know you said its okay, but I still, want to apologise again. I just hadn't been myself for awhile... but lets get on to the good things now :3 Cause I am feeling much more like myself now!

Alright, so firstly I want to say, my transition has continued, obviously. I am coming up on 1.7 years of being on hormones. My hormonal level have gotten to around that of a biological female, according to my doctor. So thats really, reaely awesome, and makes me happy.  Recently, I had a lot of tests done for the way my body has been feeling lately, (weak, fatigue, heart palpitations...etc) So my doctor took 8 vials of blood @_@ did an EKG, took X-rays of my chest, and my legs just to make sure everything was alright... hes a very good doctor, very thorough, wants to rule out any possibilty! Today I got my test results back, and thankfully, everything came back negative... there is nothing wrong with me,. I see that as a good thing, but at the same time it makes me wonder a bit what could be wrong with me then. He said theres one more test we can that will see if there is any blood clots in my body, which could be causing my symptoms, but he said its not likely, but I'm still going to do the test anyway, just to make sure you know? Other then that, my mom thinks it could be my matress that is irritating my back and making my spine injury from 2 years ago (which is permanant) worse then it already is. So we're going to buy me a new bed within the next few days. My matress is over a decae old soo... it may very well be the case. I DO wake up every morning feeling way worse then I did when I went to bed, no matter how much pain I'm in, and it carries out throughout the day... so that could be it... We'll see soon enough :)

Two weeks ago, I had a week vacation off of work, where I just relaxed and rested myself up, since I was feeling so burnt out from work. But 2 saturdays ago, during my vacation, I went to New York City with my freind Rob, and met up with my friend Dennis. Wow... let me tell you. I've been to new York before, but i've never , ever spent the entire day there before. It was so wonderful and just... AWESOME. Every time I went to new york before, it was only for like 2 or 3 hours, since its so close to where I live (like 20 minutes train xD) but this time, I was there from like 12 noon until almost 9 pm :3 it was... one of the best times I've ever had in recent memory.

We went to so many cool stores there, like this one Japanese book store called kunokuniya books... which was pretty much HEAVEN for me. The entire second floor of the store was just ANIME AND VIDEO GAMES GALORE AND IT WAS ALL IMPORTED STUFF! Artbooks, mangas, merchandise, plush dolls, hentai (xD) tshirts figures... omgh it was soo cool *-* I bought a precure artbook, volume 1 and 2 of himegoto manga (some cross dressing fetish manga that I am obsessed with xD) a sword art online plush doll of Asuna, and a kill la kill fan tribute book there. COOLEST STORE EVER I TELL YOU!   My friend Rob says in the entire like 18 years hes known me... he has never, ever seen me as happy as I was, in that store, and all the other stores we went to.

The next store we went to was another Japanese store called Book Off. they sell used Japanese books, manga, magazines, and videogames... I didn't buy anything there, but they had some really cool stuff, like copies of old Japanese games that came complete wtih the box and manual for very cheap xD and 1 dollar for used copies of mangas (In Japanese) which was really cool too.

We went to a few video game stores too, ones that were independantly owned... they sold a lot of cool stuff like old games, Japanese games, and really cool obscure stuff... god it was just... so amazing going to these stores. I even got a game for my vita , which wasn't even released yet :D I took so many neat picutres of the stores... which i will link below to a tumblr post of all of them! We also went to a few toy stores that sold a lot of cool anime figures and art books... I bought a Pop! Funko figure of Kagamine Rin :D They had so much other figures there like Miku... Atelier Meruru, Senran Kagura *_* I wanted them but I don't have the money for them xD

That day in new york was seriously amazing, and I want to go back, especialy since its so close to home... <3

Also this year, I have gotten very close to 3 friends of mine. Two I have known for a ahwile... my friend Polly and Chelsea, but we never got to know each other on a deeper level... but as of recently, we have been talking a lot more and really getting to know eachother, and we've been really happy getting to know eachother. Some of my best times this year have been talking to those two, and having them make me smile or even blush xD

The other pesron is someone I just recently met, his name is Matt. We met in youtube comments of all places xD We both liked a game called Hyperdimension Neptunia for ps3, and we just kind of started talking from there, and then later added eachother one facebook, and haven't gotten really close in a very short amount of time :3 He calls me his big sister and sometimes mommy x3 it makes me melt so much from the happy feeling it gives me, maternal instincts to the max with this one xD But hes really awesome and really sweet. We've had so many awesome and meaningful conversations in the short amount of time, via facebook. He and Tiffy get a long really well too :3 Honestly, I'm just really happy lately... Things have picked up a lot since that last jorunal. But I think I needed to write that pile of negativity, just to see... lay every bad thing that was bugging me out in the open, so I could figure it out... and figure out how to get out of that rut... which I think I have... so thank you everyone for your concerns, and your caring love.

Heres the pics from New York :3…

I love you all :3



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Min-T-Drop Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2017
Happy Birthday! Hope you are doing well! <3
xSparkledust123x Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Hi, just wana say hey :3
Min-T-Drop Featured By Owner May 9, 2015
Hey girly, haven't heard from you in awhile. I hope you are doing great this year! Looking forward to the summer! :heart:
angelthewingedcat Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2015
Happy Birthday.:hug:
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Happy Birthday.^_^
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Happy birthday :)
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Wish you a Happy Birthday!!!!!! ^^ Cute ID picture~ :heart:
xSparkledust123x Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Hey, how have you been? :3
PrincessAsh1ey Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015
I've been really good... I just got back from a vacation! I went to a video game convention, called MAGfest. It was such a great time, the first convention and vacation I ever had!

How are you? :) 
xSparkledust123x Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Oh wow, that sounds so fun X3

I've been gooood~
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